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Cash Management

  • Record Bank and Credit Card Transactions

  • Reconcile Bank and Credit Card Accounts

  • Record Third Party Payroll Entries

Accounts Receivable

  • Reconcile Accounts Receivable with Deposits

  • Accounts Receivable Monitoring

  • Prepare Customer Invoices

  • Receive and Record Deposits

    bank lockbox req.

Fixed Assets

  • Create and Maintain Depreciation Schedules

  • Create and Maintain Amortization Schedules

  • Record Asset Purchases and Sales


  • Record Inventory Transactions

  • Reconcile Inventory to Actual

  • Assistance with Inventory Counts

Accounts Payable

  • Prepare Annual 1099s

  • Reconcile Accounts Payable with Vendor Accounts

  • Bill Payment via Bill.com

  • Accounts Payable Monitoring

  • Cash Flow Monitoring

  • Payroll Monitoring

Financial Statement

  • Review General Ledger

  • Review Journal Entries

  • Maintain Chart of Accounts

  • Record Notes and Loans

  • Prepare Financial Statements

  • Record Distributions and Contributions

  • Prepare Trial Balance


  • Business Tax Planning

  • Budget Support

  • Financial Statement Consultation

    annually quarterly monthly
  • Starting at $500 Monthly

    Starting at $1500 Monthly

    Starting at $4000 Monthly

Add On Packages

Full payroll processing including state, federal filings, and direct deposit.
Sales tax preparation and filing services for Florida Business Tax Application (DR-1)

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