Crippen Cares™ Non-Profit Spotlight: Broken Hearts of Florida

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We here at Crippen are looking to make 2017 a record-year for giving back to our communities. We will be holding monthly intraoffice fundraisers to benefit 12 different charities this year through our new Crippen Cares™ initiative. Our nonprofit spotlight is on this month’s fundraiser recipient, Broken Hearts of Florida. They have two chapters in the state, one in Florida’s Big Bend Region, and one in Central Florida.

Broken Hearts of Florida was founded on the premise that “a good exercise for the heart is to bend down and help another up.” Their mission is simple: support, educate, and connect families affected by congenital heart defects and other pediatric heart diseases, so all can navigate together the journey of diagnosis, treatment, recovery and thriving, and share our stories and feelings of fear and hope.

Their vision is that families who needs their assistance will find their organization and will be helped in some way. They connect heart families so they can give and receive the support, understanding and compassion so important to not just endure, but live, laugh and grow.

All proceeds from this month’s fundraiser will go directly to the Central Florida chapter of Broken Hearts of Florida. Our proceeds will support their:

  • financial assistance program for families in need, during a planned or unexpected hospitalization or procedure;
  • Food from the Heart Pantry, in the UF Health Shands Children’s Hospital pediatric cardiac intensive care unit;
  • regular get-togethers and dinners for families;
  • connecting and matching families who are in similar circumstances;
  • answering as many questions as we can – from a parent/family perspective – that you may have about your child’s heart condition, quality of life, prognosis, etc.;
  • offering resources and information about congenital heart defects, finding quality care and the importance of follow-up care.

For more information about Broken Hearts of Florida and to find out if there are Broken Hearts families in your area, contact them at
• Email: info@brokenheartsflorida.org
• Like them on Facebook: Broken Hearts of Florida
• Call: 850-668-5864

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