Crippen Cares™ Non-Profit Spotlight: VOCAL (Voices of Change Animal League)

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We here at Crippen are looking to make 2017 a record year for giving back to our communities. We are holding monthly intraoffice fundraisers to benefit 12 different charities this year through our new Crippen Cares™ initiative. Our non-profit spotlight is on this month’s fundraiser recipient, VOCAL (Voices of Change Animal League).

VOCAL is not the typical animal welfare organization. VOCAL was founded by passionate animal advocates who wanted to bring an end to the homeless pet problem in our community. This means working with the community and other organizations to help Marion County, FL become a No-Kill county. Marion County, Florida has twice the national average intake of homeless and unwanted animals. This statistic is an issue in and of itself, but when you next consider that the current euthanasia rate in our county is around 50 percent for dogs and 80 percent for cats, the facts tell a very concerning story indeed. Overall, the highest numbers for euthanasia in Marion County are pit bull dogs and feral cats. As a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, VOCAL believes that if animal welfare groups and individuals work together, Marion County can become a no-kill county. They have broken this mission down into 12 key steps. Some of these steps build upon one another, and some can be worked in parallel, but all require contributions from our community.

The 12 Steps for VOCAL’s approach are:

  1. Community Involvement & Support
  2. Open a Low-Cost Spay/Neuter Clinic
  3. Grow a Foster Care Network
  4. Medical Assistance for Low-Income Pet Parents
  5. Work with Landlords & Insurance Companies to End Breed Discrimination
  6. Offer Canine Good Citizen Classes to Spayed/Neutered Pit Bulls
  7. Free Training for Puppies Adopted from VOCAL
  8. Humane Education in Schools
  9. Work with Shelters, County Facilities, and Rescue Groups
  10. Breeders Licensing and Registration
  11. Trap, Neuter, and Release Support for Community Cats
  12. Open Sanctuary & Adoption Center

Currently VOCAL is working through their $160,000 capital campaign for the low-cost spay/neuter clinic at a property on SW 52nd Street in Ocala. We hope that this month’s fundraising efforts are able to assist with this campaign. For more information about VOCAL, visit their website at www.vocalforpets.org, or visit them on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/VOCALforPets.

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