Our Clients

Families to farms. Medicine to manufacturing.

Our depth of expertise in specific industries allows us to deliver your most desired outcome.

Professional Services
We provide services for professionals, such as attorneys, architects, engineers, insurance agents and more. We help them find tax advantages and ensure membership expenses with professional associations are included in their tax filings. We clean up bookkeeping, project taxes and make certain that higher taxes are not paid unnecessarily.
Our construction accounting comes with an understanding of typical cash flow challenges and the need for strong bookkeeping structure to support accurate job costing. For example, we understand that many of our construction clients keep their books on a percentage of completion and we help ensure they are paying only the appropriate taxes. We also help with business loans and track development projects.
Real Estate
For our real estate and developer clients, including real estate agents and property managers, we assist with the setup of accounting software to help make transaction tracking easy and accessible. This setup conveniently records transactions such as: expenses by property, rent rolls, loan transaction data, refinancing deals, lines of credit, escrow, mortgages, capital improvements, and repairs, and closing statements to name a few. We also help create reports for investors.
Medical & Dental
Our support of medical and dental practices means our clients can feel secure, informed and at ease so they may focus on their patients. We want to see our medical and dental clients financially healthy in their practices and their personal lives.
Manufacturing clients often want to set up new inventory control systems that integrate with their accounting systems, easily track cash flow and manage accounts receivable. We can start with the basics and become as sophisticated as our manufacturing clients require.
Farm & Equine
The farm and equine industries have tax rules that differ significantly from other businesses. We help our farm clients understand the implications of equipment and land purchases. We help with planning for our equine clients with knowledge that whether a horse is purchased, raised, raced, or for personal use, it impacts your finances.
Accounting for the transportation industry can quickly become complicated as fuel and labor costs have a dramatic impact on margins. We work with our transportation clients—including maritime, bus service, trucking and leasing, couriers, limousine services and more—to help them implement cost-effective accounting and tax solutions.
In accounting for non-profits, transparency is a must. With more than 20 years’ experience in non-profit accounting, we present the organization as sound and stable and responsible stewards of their gifted resources.