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Because we are focused on your financial health, we approach tax planning as “savings preparation.”

Each year, we provide “tax projections” to our clients so they have time to make necessary changes to reduce their tax burden. We balance business and personal needs for our clients when needed by helping them make choices that benefit both their businesses and personal lives. We ensure they have enough federal withholding paid in and address any end-of-year spending that could impact their tax liability.

When considering purchasing equipment or large transactions, let our team assist you through navigating the tax implications of these decisions with our event-driven tax planning. Other life events including starting a new business, buying or selling property, or taking a distribution from your retirement accounts would also be well-served from this type of tax planning.

Rather than rushing to complete tax return paperwork on a deadline, we start early with our comprehensive tax planning service. Throughout the year, we look at our clients’ financial statements so they have time to make changes, ensure there is enough federal withholding paid in, and address end-of-year spending. Clients of Crippen & Co. take advantage of our mastery of the current tax legislation and regulations by allowing us to assist them in comprehensive tax planning that utilizes optimal strategies tailored to each client’s unique situation.

One way our firm can assist you in your tax planning is by providing tax projections in the fall. Once your tax projection is completed, whether for you or for your business, you will have the peace-of-mind knowing where you stand before completing the fourth quarter. While your salary or income may not have changed, other factors can impact your tax burden or your tax rate. Let a team member at Crippen determine the best ways to mitigate your tax liabilities.

The IRS requires taxpayers to remit estimated tax payments on income that is not subject to tax withholding throughout the year. We help you understand the process and ensure you meet the quarterly deadlines as payments come due. Failure to pay these payments can lead to penalties, but with proper guidance and planning with Crippen, you can have peace-of-mind that your estimated tax payments are handled efficiently and correctly.

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