Accounting Services

Access to relevant financial information is vital to any business, whether you’re looking to expand or simply evaluate your current operations.

For many business owners, the priority of handling day-to-day operations leaves little time or desire to research changing tax codes or balance the books. That’s why aligning with a strategic partner like Crippen & Co. can make all the difference.

We are dedicated to the success of your business
and can help you find actionable ways to streamline operations, simplify processes, and identify financial opportunities.
Financial Statements

Whether you require a review, compilation or complete audit, you’ll appreciate our respectful, personalized approach. We view these financial reporting services as an opportunity to help you maximize profitability and strengthen your business and administrative practices.

Find out more about Compilations, Preparations, and Projections and our Audit & Assurance services.

Outsourced Accounting
While keeping accurate records is essential for any successful business, it can also be complicated and time-consuming. Let Crippen & Co. enter, account for and maintain meaningful, well-organized financial records on your behalf, so you can focus on your core business operations.

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Cash Flow Analysis
Proper cash management can boost profitability and reduce costs. Utilizing our team to analyze, illustrate and maintain your cash flow will help you adjust spending and reveal strategies for future growth. Together, we’ll track sources, forecast, budget and structure a plan to help you operate at your optimal level.
Software Solutions
Crippen & Co. can help you find the perfect accounting technologies for your business. We’ll assist in the selection of software that best accommodates your unique needs, implement the software, train your team and provide on-going support. Our team uses their knowledge of your industry and your business’s unique operations to plan and design the software infrastructure that will grow with your organization. Let the extensive library of available software and our industry-leading expertise match you to the perfect accounting technologies for your business. Choose from a variety of software options including Intuit QuickBooks, Sage, Xero, and others. Allow our knowledgeable team to guide you through the entire process with training, implementation, and on-going support.

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Our comprehensive payroll services manage everything from paycheck preparation to submission of payroll taxes. The Crippen & Co. team computes and submits weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and annual payroll including processing, timely payment and preparation of tax returns (including preparation of W-2s and 1099s). Plus, when you entrust your payroll to Crippen & Co., you’ll never have to worry about maintaining compliance with the latest federal, state and local tax laws – we’ll always have you covered.

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Sales Tax
Preparing and filing sales tax returns each month can be an overwhelming task. Crippen & Co. can assist with data review, validation, preparation and submission. We’ll keep you informed through standard and custom reports, provide guidance, consulting and additional support as needed.

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