Strategic Business Planning

When starting, acquiring, merging, reconstructing, or selling a business, most entrepreneurs create a strategic business plan to demonstrate clearly and effectively the plan for their business’s direction to create confidence in investors or lenders for their capital.

These plans include detailed financial planning and descriptions of the company, the competitive environment, its products/services, and business risks. Without proper guidance and expertise, your strategic business plan may fall short and inhibit the success you are trying to reach.

An analytical perspective is necessary for these complex situations, including transactions like acquisitions and sales that have certain tax implications. Let the team at Crippen & Co. assist you with creating an effective, clear, and appropriately created strategic business plan. We can help every step of the way with competent answers to all of your questions. Each business is unique and demands the attention of thorough research and due diligence. With Crippen & Co. on your side, you have a reliable part of your team as you make strategic choices for your business.

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